About Us

“Faith, persistence and self-belief, if you have this in you, nothing is impossible “

companyAcompany built by two brothers who embraced their entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, DNS General Trading was founded in 2006 after creating various trading ventures in Dubai. Initially started as a company that traded a vast range of electronics, after the devastating financial crisis of 2009, the company took a step into a completely new direction: LED lighting. With their impeccable adaptation skills, they managed to exponentially grow and become one of the leaders in the industry, marketing their products under the brand V-TAC. In testament of the vision that the company and its founders had for their brand, they expanded with their own office in China for R&D and quality control. DNS has also vertically integrated by investing in one of the largest manufacturers of LED products in China. With this experience and growth achieved in the past 6 years in the dynamic evolving LED industry, they have a diverse product portfolio and are committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards as a leader in the LED lighting revolution.

From their sales strategy , their approach right from the beginning of their career, they treated every client as a partner, keeping very transparent terms and growing the network together .V-TAC now employees over 100 employees worldwide, and has a range of 500 innovative products being sold by nearly 2000 B2B resellers mainly across Europe ,UK ,Gulf and India which they service thru their own distribution offices in the UK, India, UAE, and Turkey and their products outreach in over 50 countries. The current volume they handle in the dynamic growing LED industry ,they have an advantage of scale of economies ,because of which they have great potential to grow in more markets as their complete product line is established with the right quality and pricing.

Having their base in Dubai was a big advantage that propelled this global expansion, as the city’s infrastructure and location made it the perfect hub. Thinking of new ideas and opportunities and challenging themselves was always prevalent with Dinesh and Satish Sajnani, however this is shaping up to be their most exciting venture yet. The future is even brighter for DNS General Trading, and they are confident that with their product range in green energy and the sheer persistence they have showcased throughout, that they can emerge as a global powerhouse in the industry.